2014-07-16 11:48
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I have a language file called theme.php and in this file there is the line

$LANG['sources_HAVE_AN_ACCOUNT'] = "Have an account?";  

Now in the file called votes.php i am using the code:

 if($r) //voting done
 echo "". $LANG['sources_HAVE_AN_ACCOUNT']." <a href='../login' target='_blank'  #0087F7; text-decoration: none; font-weight: bold;'>".$LANG['header_LOGIN_title']."</a>";
 elseif(!$r) //voting failed
 $effectiveVote = getEffectiveVotes($id);
 echo $effectiveVote." ".$LANG['sources_POINTS_title'];

to allow users to perform a vote in a specific article.

The problem is that when you click on the vote button the text “Have an account?” doesn’t appears!!

Why is this happens? Where is the problem?

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我有一个名为theme.php的语言文件,在这个文件中有一行 \ n

  $ LANG ['sources_HAVE_AN_ACCOUNT'] =“有帐户吗?”;  


  if($ r)  //投票完成
 echo“”。  $ LANG ['sources_HAVE_AN_ACCOUNT']。“&lt; a href ='.. / login'target ='_ blank'#0087F7; text-decoration:none; font-weight:bold;'&gt;”。$ LANG ['header_LOGIN_title  ']。“&lt; / a&gt;”; 
 elseif(!$ r)//投票失败
 $ effectiveVote = getEffectiveVotes($ id); 
 echo $ effectiveVote。“”。$  LANG ['sources_POINTS_title']; 



为什么会发生这种情况? 问题出在哪里?

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  • douxin1884 2014-07-16 12:44

    Several things to check :

    • Your theme_lang.php file must be located into application/language/english/
    • Add theme to the $autoload['langage'] array located in application/config/autoload.php
    • Check in application/config/config.php that your $config['language'] is set to english

    Then, to use the translations in your votes.php controller, use this :


    You can find more info in the Language Class documentation of Codeigniter

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