2014-01-15 03:46
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I have installed net_geoip on my web host and am encountering the error Fatal error: Class 'Net_GeoIP' not found in /home/heyitspr/public_html/ on line 3 when I run the script that is posted below:

$geoip = Net_GeoIP::getInstance('GeoIP.dat', Net_GeoIP::SHARED_MEMORY); $country_name = $geoip->lookupCountryName($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);

print_r ($country_name);

I am new to installing plugins with apache so please explain it in simpler terms. Thanks

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我在我的网络主机上安装了net_geoip并遇到错误致命错误:类'Net_GeoIP'没有 当我运行下面发布的脚本时,在第3行的/home/heyitspr/public_html/中找到

$ geoip = Net_GeoIP :: getInstance('GeoIP.dat',Net_GeoIP :: SHARED_MEMORY); $ country_name = $ geoip-&gt; lookupCountryName($ _ SERVER ['REMOTE_ADDR']); < / p>

print_r($ country_name);

我是新手用apache安装插件所以请用简单的术语解释一下。 谢谢

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  • doubi4435 2014-01-15 03:51

    Seems like you have not included your GeoIP library. Try including it on your index.php code

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