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In a foreach loop I'm creating some divs (with paragraphs inside gotten from mysql databases). I'd like to make them clickable (/connect them with jquery).

Problem 1: How to create divs with unique IDs?

My solution: Make a counter and use this attribute id="divclick<?php echo htmlspecialchars($count);?>"

Problem 2: How to write one jquery to support all divs?

My unfinished solution: $(document).ready(function(){ $("#divclick").focus(function(){ $("#buttonoption").animate({width:'toggle'}); });

So, how do I tweak the jquery so it reacts to all divs but just one specific #buttonoption is activated according to the div clicked.

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    duanchen6423 duanchen6423 2013-08-12 19:02

    Simple. Use a shared class and a data- attribute.


    <div data-button="<?php echo $count; ?>" id="divclick<?php echo htmlspecialchars($count); ?>" class="sharedclass"></div>

    Then you can bind the click event in jQuery like this:

    $(document).on('click', '.sharedclass', function() {
        $("#buttonoption" + $(this).data('button')).animate({width:'toggle'});
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