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NuSOAP - 函数参数未正确映射

I'm writing a web service using NuSOAP in PHP. To test it, I have written both a server and a client. On the server end, I register the function like so:

    array("param1" => "xsd:string", "param2" => "xsd:string"),
    array("result" => "xsd:string"),

And on the client looks like this:


$client = new soapclient("http://localhost/testApp/server.php");
$function = $_GET["function"];
$result = $client->call($function, $_GET);

echo "<pre>". print_r($result, true) ."</pre>";

When I call it like


it works fine, but if I switch param1 and param2 and say


then param1 gets the value value2 and param2 gets the value value1. So obviously, it just goes by the order of the parameters, not the names.

I figured that since I registered the function with specific parameter names and then called the function, specifying those parameter names, that they would be assigned accordingly.

Am I missing something? What's the point of specifying the parameter names if they will just be thrown out and assigned in whatever order you entered them? Is there a way to make it so that I can enter the parameters in any order and have them map correctly?

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我正在使用PHP中的NuSOAP编写Web服务。 为了测试它,我写了一个服务器和一个客户端。 在服务器端,我注册了这样的函数:

  $ server-&gt; register(
 array(“param1”=&gt;“  xsd:string“,”param2“=&gt;”xsd:string“),
”http:// localhost / testApp“


  require_once(“./ lib / nusoap.php”  ); 
 $ client = new soapclient(“http://localhost/testApp/server.php”); 
 $ function = $ _GET [“function”]; 
unset($ _ GET [“function”]  ); 
 $ result = $ client-&gt; call($ function,$ _GET); 
echo“&lt; pre&gt;”。  print_r($ result,true)。“&lt; / pre&gt;”; 


 < 代码> http://localhost/testApp/client.php?function = testFunction&amp; param1 = value1&amp; param2 = value2 

它工作正常,但如果我切换 param1和param2并说

  http://localhost/testApp/client.php?function = testFunction&amp; param2 = value2&amp; param1 = value1 

然后param1获取值 value2 ,param2获取值 value1 。 显然,它只是按参数的顺序而不是名称。

我认为既然我用特定的参数名称注册了函数然后调用了函数,那么指定那些参数名称 ,他们将被相应地分配。

我错过了什么吗? 如果参数名称只是被抛出并以您输入的顺序分配,那么指定参数名称有什么意义呢? 有没有办法让它能以任何顺序输入参数并让它们正确映射?

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  • douchen2025 2011-09-20 15:32

    maybe go for a default map in the client:

        $default = array(
            'param1' => '',
            'param2' => 'test',
        $params = $defaults;
        foreach ( $_GET as $param_name => $param_value ) {
            if ( isset( $params[ $param_name ] ) ) $params[$param_name] = $param_value;
        $client->call( $function, $params );

    Simple hack, even though it doesnt "really" answer your questions.

    One note, the url you're passing to the client MUST be a SOAP WSDL if you expect the client to know anything about the format of the calls being made. Is yours ? ( It's been a long time I've used nuSoap, but i recall simply adding "?wsdl" param to the server url was enough to have the server respond with a valid wsdl )

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