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Below is the scenario:

class PopupsAdminSettingsPage extends AbstractAdminSubPage
    protected $menuTitle = 'Settings';

    public static function getMenuTitle()
        /* I want to access $menuTitle property here ...

I want to access the $menuTitle property inside the static function getMenuTitle so that I could access the protected variable outside of the Class PopupsAdminSettingsPage too.

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    doushan7997 doushan7997 2017-12-30 13:31

    You can do it like this:

    public static function getMenuTitle(&$PopupsAdminSettingsPage)
      echo $PopupsAdminSettingsPage->menuTitle

    But that doesn't mean it's right to do this. You can't access it for a reason

    In Static methods context there's no $this

    So that should be a big red sign in your implementation

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