doujun5009 2016-12-30 04:45
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使用php Codeigniter的mysql转储,与godaddy的服务器问题

I am using php to get backup of mysql database. On localhost it's working fine and the command is run as following:

$cmd = 'D:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqldump --user=' .$db['username'].' --password=  '. $db['password'] .'     --host='.$db['host'].'  '.$db['database'].' > '.FCPATH.$filename;

This works perfect when at localhost, but I want to this at godaddy hosting, so I don't know how to find the mysqldump path or how to store the .sql file.

at local my app directory is this http://localhost/backup_app/ and folder i am using to store is http://localhost/backup_app/DB_Backup but actual path that i given to store .sql file is using FCPATH i.e D:\xampp\htdocs\backup_app and I don't know how to generate this path on godaddy.

Can anyone help?

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  • dongsu3138 2016-12-30 05:06

    You tagged to question with codeigniter. Once I done this. I am sharing the code with you, lets hope it will work for your version of CI.

    In version 2.x, CI dbforge class not supporting to mysqli driver, so I set the driver to mysql.

    $db['group_one']['dbdriver'] = 'mysql';

    Define the path in constants to store the file.


    The code to take backup and store the file on disk.

    public function getDatabaseBackup()
        $this->db = $this->load->database('group_one', TRUE);
        $doc_name = 'DatabaseBackup'.date('YmdHis').'';
        $prefs = array(
                'tables'      => array(),           // Array of tables to backup.
                'ignore'      => array(),           // List of tables to omit from the backup
                'format'      => 'zip',             // gzip, zip, txt
                'filename'    => $doc_name,         // File name - NEEDED ONLY WITH ZIP FILES
                'add_drop'    => TRUE,              // Whether to add DROP TABLE statements to backup file
                'add_insert'  => TRUE,              // Whether to add INSERT data to backup file
                'newline'     => "
    "               // Newline character used in backup file
        $backup =& $this->dbutil->backup($prefs);
        write_file('./'.ADMIN_DOCS_PATH.$doc_name, $backup);

    Try this, also confirm your CI version and its support to dbforge class to download the database dump.

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