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zz's Mysterious Present 怎么来做

Problem Description
There are m people in n cities, and they all want to attend the party which hold by zz. They set out at the same time, and they all will choose the best way they think, but due to someone take a ride, someone drive, and someone take a taxi, they have different speed. Can you find out who will get zz's mysterious present? The first one get the party will get the present . If there are several people get at the same time, the one who stay in the city which is farther from the city where is zz at begin will get the present. If there are several people get at the same time and the distance from the city he is at begin to the city where zz is, the one who has the larger number will get the present.

The first line: three integers n, m and k. m is the total number of the people, and n is the total number of cities, and k is the number of the way.(0<n<=300, 0<m<=n, 0<k<5000)
The second line to the (k+1)th line: three integers a, b and c. There is a way from a to b, and the length of the way is c.(0<a,b<=n, 0<c<=100)
The (k+2)th line: one integer p(0<p<=n), p is the city where zz is.
The (k+3)th line: m integers. the ith people is at the place p[i] at begin.(0<p[i]<=n)
The (k+4)th line: m integers. the speed of the ith people is speed[i];(0<speed[i]<=100)
All the ways are directed.

For each case, output the one who get the present in one line. If no one can get the present, output "No one".

Sample Input
3 1 3
1 2 2
1 3 3
2 3 1

Sample Output

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