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使用$ mail php发送不同的电子邮件内容

I have a small problem here that I'm tried to fix for some couple of hours already. I have a PHP $mail function that send emails to multiple addresses using PHP for loop, like:

foreach($recipients as $name => $email){
    $mail->AddAddress($email, $name);

Problem is:

I need to get inside the Body message, each email from each user at the time of sending the message, so I can use it as variable inside the body message, I've already tried to use another foreach inside, but no luck.

So the PHP will be something like this:

$mail->Body .='Start of the message';
$mail->Body .='path_url?user_email='.$recipient.'';
$mail->Body .='Endof the message';

Is this possible using $mail?


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  • dongwo1914 2015-08-17 19:00

    You should use the same for loop for both email addresses and your content.

    With out knowing your code in details, I assume you have array contenting recipients email, name and message or something else.

    Some thing like this with out testing it:

    foreach ($recipients as $value)
        $mail->AddAddress($value['email'], $value['name']);
        $mail->Body .= 'Start of the message';
        $mail->Body .= 'path_url?user_email=' . $value['recipient'];
        $mail->Body .= 'Endof the message';
        the rest of your $mail code if there so
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