2015-05-03 13:51
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I'm having some problems understanding the connection to the database in CakePHP.

I have a table called user (which was taken from the CakePHP tutorial website) I added another row to the table called "bio" I am able to insert text into the bio but i'm not able to retrieve it. I've managed to retrieve all the other rows by:

     $name = CakeSession::read("Auth.User.username");
     $mail = CakeSession::read("Auth.User.email");
     $created = CakeSession::read("Auth.User.created");
     $id = CakeSession::read("Auth.User.id");

but for some reason it won't work with the bio.

Do I need to add anything to controllers to be able to this? Or is it a variable that I need to set?

Thank you!

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我在理解CakePHP中与数据库的连接时遇到了一些问题。 < 我有一个名为user的表(取自CakePHP教程网站)我在表中添加了另一行名为“bio”我可以将文本插入bio中,但我无法检索它。 我已设法检索所有其他行:

  $ name = CakeSession :: read(“Auth.User.username”); 
 $ mail = CakeSession  :: read(“Auth.User.email”); 
 $ created = CakeSession :: read(“Auth.User.created”); 
 $ id = CakeSession :: read(“Auth.User.id”)  ; 


我是否需要向控制器添加任何内容 能够这样吗? 或者它是我需要设置的变量?


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  • douyingmou1389 2015-05-04 07:29

    As @sgt BOSE said. Using CakeSession::read("Auth.User") you will get session data of your current logged user.

    $current_user_data = $this->User->FindById(CakeSession::read("Auth.User.id"));

    This will return current (logged) user data from database.

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