2015-03-26 15:47
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I have a problem with Yii2's urlManager. I have an action with url category/index, where I pass ?par=test as param.

I want to create an alias for my url so that when par is not specified the url will be /test, but when it is specified the url should be /test/some-value. Here is my config for now:

       'rules' => [
                'pattern' => 'test',
                'route'   => 'category/index',
            '<subcats: (val|some-value)>' => 'test/<subcats>',

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我遇到了Yii2的urlManager问题。 我有一个url category / index 的动作,我将?par = test 作为参数传递给我。

我想为我的网址创建别名,以便在未指定 par 时,网址将为 / test ,但是 指定url应该是 / test / some-value 。 这是我现在的配置:

 'rules'=&gt;  [
'pattern'=&gt;  'test',
'route'=&gt;  'category / index',
'&lt; subcats:(val | some-value)&gt;'  =&GT;  'test /&lt; subcats&gt;',
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  • doushi9376 2015-03-26 18:28

    If you need url like category/index/test/some-value. Use that

    'category/index/test/<val:\w+>' => 'category/index'

    In controller in method index use that:

    public function actionIndex($val){

    Yii2 automatically provide parameter $val in action.

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