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通过$ _FILES或php://输入上传文件? 哪个系统更好?

I am creating a script that via my iOS application I can upload a file. I was wondering which method is better or safer for the system? $_FILES or php://input? Does it matter? I am curious to know because users will need to upload multiple files at once, for example one user may upload one photo but 10k are doing it at once. I am just trying to prepare for a situation like that.

Any suggestions on this? I know $_FILES writes to the temp directory, I believe php://input does not though (does it use system memory)? Please help me understand. I found a few other threads on this but nothing specifically said how it affects the system & which one is better for my situation.

The files will not be bigger than 2MB at most.

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    drnpwmq4536 drnpwmq4536 2015-02-16 21:38

    Regardless of whichever you choose, php will always have the entire file in memory due to the way php handles file uploads.

    I'd stick with $_FILES, it's already there to help you with the handling of file uploads with PHP.

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