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I'm working on a solution to a problem where users could potentially access images (in this case PDF files) stored in a folder off the server root. Normally, my application validates users through PHP scripts and sessions. What isn't happening right now is preventing non-logged in users from potentially accessing the PDFs.

The solution I'm looking for would (I think) need to be tied in with Apache. I saw an interesting solution using RewriteMap & RewriteRule, however the example involved putting this in an .htaccess file in the PDF directory. Can't do that with Apache (error: RewriteMap not allowed here). I believe the rewrite directives need to go in my httpd.conf, which I have access to.

So the example I found (that resulted in 'rewritemap not allowed here') is here: RewriteEngine On RewriteMap auth prg:auth.php RewriteRule (.*) ${auth:$1}

auth.php just checks PHP session and redirects to a login script if needed.

I'm reading that I have to place this in my httpd.conf. How would I specify that the RewriteMap should only occur on a specific directory (including subdirectories)?

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    dtu11716 dtu11716 2012-03-23 22:41

    1st, be sure that you have to put that directly in httpd.conf. On Debian system, for instance, you have 1 file by virtualhost (a virtualhost usually is a website) So, you have to put your rewriteMap in a "directory" like this:

    <Directory /full/path/to/your/pdfs>
        RewriteEngine on
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