2011-07-27 01:03
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I am trying to configure Indigo so I can debug PHP in eclipse. I have looked at a ton of different tutorials and blogs online that try to explain it but none work so far. I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and I use a generic LAMP stack with PHP 5.3.3 executables configured in eclipse.

Does anyone have a good guide for installing Zend or XDebug in Eclipse Indigo?

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我正在尝试配置Indigo,以便我可以在eclipse中调试PHP。 我已经在网上看了很多不同的教程和博客,试图解释它但到目前为止都没有。 我使用的是Ubuntu 11.04,我使用了一个通用的LAMP堆栈和在eclipse中配置的PHP 5.3.3可执行文件。

有没有人有一个很好的指南在Eclipse Indigo中安装Zend或XDebug?

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  • dtbonklcs575884485 2011-07-27 01:13

    Ok so this is something I posted a while back which took a while to figure out. I got it working in Helios but it has worked for me in Indigo also: Can I link the Zend PDT (eclipse) to a browser action?

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