2011-03-29 09:49
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I'm writing an application for generating a document out of user pre-filled form. i.e.:

  1. the user fills in a form including some checkbox, radio buttons etc..
  2. the relevant text is pulled out from the DB
  3. The data should be written into a word document - including some dependencies (automatic numbering,and other designs)
  4. The user may preview or download the file

My Question's:

  1. which modules should be used in either PHP or ASP.NET code for establishing A Word document? Shell I use HTML/COM/OpenOffice XML?
  2. How should the "preview" function be implemented?

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我正在编写一个应用程序,用于从用户预先填写的表单中生成文档。 i.e。: </ p>

  1. 用户填写表格,包括一些复选框,单选按钮等。</ li>
  2. 相关文本从数据库中拉出< / li>
  3. 数据应写入word文档 - 包括一些依赖项(自动编号和其他设计)</ li>
  4. 用户可以预览或下载文件</ li> </ ol>

    我的问题:</ p>

    1. 在PHP或ASP.NET代码中应使用哪些模块来建立Word文档 ? Shell我使用HTML / COM / OpenOffice XML?</ li>
    2. 如何实现“预览”功能?</ li> </ ol> </ div>

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