2015-01-24 16:42
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I have this little bit of code here and I am totally lost as I am getting a syntax error near 'unique = 'dD0231q' LIMIT 1' at line 1. It might be something very simple, but I seem to be blind to my own errors..

 $unique = $_GET["unique"];
 $results = $mysqli->query("SELECT * FROM written WHERE unique = '$unique' LIMIT 1

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我这里有一些代码,我完全迷失了,因为我在'unique =附近遇到语法错误 'dD0231q'限制1'在第1行。这可能是非常简单的事情,但我似乎对自己的错误视而不见..

  $ unique = $ _GET [“  unique“]; 
 $ results = $ mysqli-> query(”SELECT * FROM written WHERE unique ='$ unique'LIMIT 1 
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  • dongxie2613 2015-01-24 16:46

    UNIQUE is a keyword in MySQL. If you want to use it as a table column name please wrap it in ` (backtick) quotes like this:

    SELECT * FROM written WHERE `unique` = '$unique' LIMIT 1

    Also please don't just put values you recieve from a user directly into your query. That's how SQL injections happen. Rather use Prepared Statements.

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