2013-12-02 14:41

将变量传递给file_get_html在Simple DOM中不起作用


I have a code here describing the problem, I need to run file_get_html() at my variables, the valid argument must have '' my variable starts at domain only -> add the http:// and /, but at you can see it doesn't work, it ends giving:

Warning: file_get_contents(''): failed to open stream: Invalid argument ... simple_html_dom.php on line 75

here is the code

        $a = '';                              //from domain only:
        $b = "'http://" . $a . "/'";                    //then, modify to have this form:
        //$html = file_get_html($b);                    //this thing doesn't work
        $html = file_get_html('');    // but this thing works
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  • duanhui4160 duanhui4160 8年前

    In your code the final contents of $b contain single quotes which aren't necessary if you're handling variables.

    Change this line to remove the single quotes

     $b = "'http://" . $a . "/'";  
           ^                  ^  Remove these.
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