2011-02-15 20:55
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在Zend Framework中应该使用哪些情况_redirect()或_forward()[重复]

Possible Duplicate:
What is the difference between redirect and forward in Zend framework

Please provide real and practical examples.

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  • dongwu8064
    dongwu8064 2011-02-15 21:03

    both are totally different things _forward is internal redirection of zf , i.e practically user browser even dont know about this redirection , but inside zf all the hooks after predispatch gets invoked . Whereas in _redirect case user browser takes control of redirection and make second request hence everthing inside zf gets invoked once age (bootstrap , routing etc) .

    clearely _forward is less resource intensive then _redirect but if you need the code inside bootstrap to be called (in case you have made changes in config and want it to reload) then you should do _redirect .

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