2009-01-26 00:22



I'm in need of help - I've got two mysql databases on different servers with a web host, and I need to copy a Joomla installation from one to the other. The problem I have is that the only way I can access the data is via php, as direct odbc connections to the database are locked down.

I don't mind doing it table by table, but have no idea of how to code the script :(

My knowledge of php is limited (hence using Joomla), so if anyone has a couple of minutes to point me in the right direction, it'd be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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  • dtnd30892 dtnd30892 12年前

    Can you install phpMyAdmin? If so, it has a database export/import functionality that would likely be perfect for this.

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  • dongmeng2509 dongmeng2509 12年前
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  • duanfa2014 duanfa2014 12年前

    You could use mysqldump, though I would try phpMyAdmin first as the other poster has suggested.

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