2016-08-06 07:19
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I need to install an old version of php, because I have a website which is based on that version and won't run with the current one. I know that this should not be done, but it will only be online while updating everything.

I followed this guide: http://mstd.eu/index.php/2016/07/04/install-old-versions-of-software-on-debian-like-php-5-3/ but when calling phpinfo(), I get: Version 5.6.24-0+deb8u1.

I also tried to install php via tarball, which worked, but I won't get it to run with apache...

What can I do to achieve that?

Edit: dpkg --list shows me, that I have the following installed:

php5          5.3.10-2
php5-cli      5.6.24+dfsg-
php5-common   5.6.25+dfsg-
php5-json     1.3.6-1
php5-readline 5.6.24+dfsg-

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我需要安装一个旧版本的php,因为我有一个基于该版本的网站并赢得了' 用当前的一个运行。 我知道不应该这样做,但只有在更新所有内容时才会在线。

我遵循了本指南: http://mstd.eu/index.php/2016 / 07/04 / install-old-versions-of-software-on-debian-like-php-5-3 / 但是当调用phpinfo()时,我得到:版本5.6.24-0 + deb8u1。


什么可以 我要做到这一点?

编辑:dpkg --list告诉我,我安装了以下内容:

  php5 5.3。  10-2 
php5-cli 5.6.24 + dfsg- 
php5-common 5.6.25 + dfsg- 
php5-json 1.3.6-1 
php5-readline 5.6.24 + dfsg- 
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