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I am new to Php programming and I'm having some troubles understanding it. I need to make a project that will manage students and their grades. I need to have 2 types of users, professors and students. A professor can add grades to students, and a student can only view his grades.

I managed to make a simple login system, using wampserver and phpmyadmin. Now I don't know how to represent the students and the professors (since the teachers can add grades I assume they are treated like some sort of admins and students are users).Should I put a checkbox on the login page? And after that I should create different pages to each type of user?

Do not get confused by my questions. I don't need any code just some ideas on how to get started. After that if I have any problems I will share my code also.

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  • duanbi7204 2015-01-06 10:45

    This is all quite basic.

    Assuming you have saved the users in your database, you simply have to add a column to the table those users are saved in. You could call this column 'flags'. If the user is a student, you could give it the value 1. If the user is a professor however you would give it a value 2.

    In your code when you verify the login, i reckon you put their data in a SESSION. So now, with the new column present. Place that value in your SESSION as well.

    Now that we can distinguish user and professor, we could simply do:

    if ($_SESSION['flags'] == 2) {
        // Something only the professor can do
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