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I'd appreciate any help I could get with this — I've been scouring stack overflow and couldn't find anything that directly related with what I'm trying to accomplish.

Issue: I'm trying to update a specific name/value pair in a JSON file, and I'm trying to do it by sending specific parameters through an AJAX call to a PHP file. Two of the parameters are the path (delineated with hyphens) to the name, and the value that I'm swapping in.

A small portion of the JSON:

  "character" : 
    "name" : "Foo",
    "species" : "Bar",

Using this JSON as an example, I'm trying to update a specific array value, such as:


I'm passing a variable to the PHP file with the path information, such as:


Is there a way to convert the string "character-name" (or any string for that matter with a particular delineation) to the path in an Array, like $char['character']['name']?

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    dongwh1992 dongwh1992 2014-04-17 15:00

    To not only read the value at the specified path, but also update the json, I would suggest something like

    function json_replace_path($json, $path, $newValue)
        $json = json_decode($json);
        $pathArray = explode('-', $path);
        $currentElement = $json;
        foreach ($pathArray as $part)
            $currentElement = &$currentElement->$part;
        $currentElement = $newValue;
        return json_encode($json);
    $json = '{"character":{"name":"Foo","species":"Bar","other":{"first_name":"Jeff","last_name":"Atwood"}}}';
    echo json_replace_path($json, 'character-name', 'new name') . "
    echo json_replace_path($json, 'character-species', 'new species') . "
    echo json_replace_path($json, 'character-other-last_name', 'Bridges') . "

    Does not support JSON including arrays, though.

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  • dongsunny1113 dongsunny1113 2014-04-17 14:32

    Something like that should work, I guess :

    $a = explode("-", $_GET['char']);
    $array = ...; //Your json array here
    while (is_array($array) && count($a) > 0)
        $array = $array[array_shift($a)];
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  • doumengbai2031 doumengbai2031 2014-04-17 14:35
    $array = explode("-", $_GET['char']);
    $char=json_decode(....);  //your json string
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  • duanhai4046 duanhai4046 2014-04-17 14:49

    Why not just use updater.php?character[name]=Newname? Then you can get it with:

    echo $_GET['character']['name'];

    Makes much more sense. Why concatenate things and then try and separate them into an array when you can just use an array from the start?

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