2012-10-31 21:58
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将simpleSAMLphp(SAML 2.0)与CMS Made Simple(CMSMS)集成

I'm trying to build a service proviuder (SP) site for a client using a SAML2.0 based user ID system.

I've been able to install simpleSAMLphp on my server and have tested it with an open IdP authentication network - all is working fine if I just create php files which demand authentication against this IdP. Simple adding this to any page makes it work.

$auth = new SimpleSAML_Auth_Simple('default-sp');
$attributes = $auth->getAttributes();

Within CMSMS however, if I add the above as a user defined smarty tag (the usual way of including php) I get a "state lost" error. I've tried adding it to the page meta data (via the content interface) as well as simply in the body of the page or at the head of the template.

I always get:

State information lost
State information lost, and no way to restart the request

Does anyone have any ideas what could be going wrong? I've tried the usual fixes for this error messages (adjusting the domain the cookies are assigned to in php.ini etc). No joy.

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我正在尝试使用基于SAML2.0的用户ID为客户端构建服务提供者(SP)站点 系统。

我已经能够在我的服务器上安装simpleSAMLphp并使用开放式IdP身份验证网络对其进行测试 - 如果我只创建需要对此进行身份验证的php文件,一切正常 的IdP。 简单地将其添加到任何页面都可以使用。

  require_once('../ simplesamlphp / lib / _autoload.php'); 
 $ auth = new SimpleSAML_Auth_Simple('default  -sp'); 
 $ auth-> requireAuth(); 
 $ attributes = $ auth-> getAttributes(); 

在CMSMS中然而 ,如果我将上面的内容添加为用户定义的smarty标签(通常包括php的方式),我会收到“状态丢失”错误。 我已经尝试将它添加到页面元数据(通过内容界面)以及简单地在页面正文或模板的头部。



有没有人有任何想法会出现什么问题? 我已经尝试了这个错误消息的常规修复(调整cookie在php.ini中分配的域等)。 没有快乐。

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