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probably a simple one for you developers out there

I have this code to insert an order_id and order_name into the 'orders' table:

// start the session handler

//connect to database
$conn = DB();


//should we process the order?
if (isset($_POST['process'])) {

$order_name = $_POST['order_name'];

//create initial order
$stmt = $conn2->prepare("INSERT INTO orders (order_name) VALUES (?)");

//bind the parameters
    $stmt->bind_param('s', $order_name);

    // Execute query

I now want to insert the order items into the order_items table and I cant seem to keep that same ID that was created when inserting into the 'orders' table and add it to the 'order_items' table along with the order_items. Here is my code:

//this gets the most recent auto incremented ID from the database - this is the order_id we have just created
$order_id = mysql_insert_id();

//loop over all of our order items and add to the database
foreach ($_SESSION['order'] as $item) {

  $prod_id = $item['prod_id'];
  $quantity = $item['quantity'];
  $prod_type = $item['prod_type'];

  $stmt = $conn2->prepare("INSERT INTO order_items (order_id, prod_id, quantity, prod_type) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)");

  //bind the parameters
    $stmt->bind_param('iiis', $order_id, $prod_id, $quantity, $prod_type);

    // Execute query

    echo "<p class='black'>Order Processed</p>";

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我有这个代码 将order_id和order_name插入'orders'表:

require_once('dbfunction.php'); \  n 
 $ conn = DB(); 
if(isset($ _ POST ['  process'])){
 $ order_name = $ _POST ['order_name']; 
 $ stmt = $ conn2-&gt; prepare(“INSERT INTO orders(order_name)VALUES  (?)“); 
 $ stmt-&gt; bind_param('s',$ order_name); 
 $ stmt-&gt; execute()  ; 

我现在想要将订单商品插入到order_items表中,我似乎无法保留插入“订单”表时创建的相同ID 并将其与order_items一起添加到'order_items'表中。 这是我的代码:

  //这会从数据库中获取最新的自动递增ID  - 这是我们刚刚创建的order_id 
 $ order_id = mysql_insert_id();  
foreach($ _SESSION ['order'] $ item){
 $ prod_id = $ item ['prod_id']; 
  $ quantity = $ item ['quantity']; 
 $ prod_type = $ item ['prod_type']; 
 $ stmt = $ conn2-&gt; prepare(“INSERT INTO order_items(order_id,prod_id,quantity,prod_type  )VALUES(?,?,?,?)“); 
 $ stmt-&gt; bind_param('iiis',$ order_id,$ prod_id,$ quantity,$ prod_type); \  n 
 $ stmt-&gt; execute(); 
 echo“&lt; p class ='black'&gt; Order Processed&lt; / p&gt;”; 
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  • doucuo4413 2012-03-14 15:53

    I would guess it's because whatever database library you are using is doing something to invalidate the mysql_insert_id (assuming it's even using the mysql functions). I'd suggest you look into the library to find out what method they suggest you use instead.

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  • doushenyi9104 2012-03-14 15:54

    SQL Server has @@IDENTITY

    It looks like mySQL has LAST_INSERT_ID();

    My guess is you are using mySQL. If not, then please let me know the version so I can update

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