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PHP / CakePHP:更新ACOS表?

I have created a controllers called user_controller in my cakephp app. After I've run the command : cake acl create aco root controllers for filling the ACOs table with my controller.

But now I've created a new method inside my user_controller and I want to update my ACOs table. Is there anyway to proceed using the cake console ?


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    duanbei2914 duanbei2914 2011-11-03 13:22

    To add an aco for the action my_action for the UsersController

    cake acl create aco Users my_action

    To add an aco for a new controller (e.g. for PostsController)

    cake acl create aco controllers Posts

    For a way to update your aco table automatically after you add new controllers and actions, check out this aco_sync shell

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