doulu6314 2017-10-23 19:27
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So I have a route defined in my web.php, like so....

Route::any('/items/{id}/{slug}', 'Items\ItemController@item')->name('items.item');

I am trying to make a function where I can get the string pattern for the URL, '/items/{id}/{slug}' from the route by calling it's name...

I assumed this would work.. but it doesn't (it tells me I'm missing the parameters id and slug).

// Should assign the string 'items/{id}/{slug}' to the variable.
$url_pattern = route('items.item');

I'm using Laravel 5.3.

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  • douxia2053 2017-10-23 19:35

    You can access the Route's uri as follows:

    $url_pattern = app('router')->getRoutes()->getByName('items.item')->uri;
    // will return:
    // "items/{id}/{slug}"

    You can always create a faux route. When you are invoking route(), one has to assume you know the params it expects.

    If you would like to get it as a string (to be used in JS for example), just pass the names of the params as the params. For example:

    $url_pattern = route('items.item', ['id' => '{id}', 'slug' => '{slug}']);
    // will generate:
    // items/{id}/{slug}
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