2017-09-01 06:51
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如何为这两个版本保留相同的URL - 移动和桌面?

Is it possible to have the same URL for both the mobile and desktop versions? I don't mean a responsive site, but a completely separate mobile site with his own index.php, css and js files.

I would like the URL to remain unchanged and if the user enters from a mobile device to the website it redirects to the appropriate index of a mobile version but the URL still remains not

How can that be achieved?

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是否可以为移动版和桌面版提供相同的URL? 我不是指一个响应式网站,而是一个完全独立的移动网站,拥有自己的index.php,css和js文件。

我希望URL保持不变,如果用户从移动设备进入网站 ,它会重定向到适当的移动索引 版本但URL仍然是 而不是


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