doushi4956 2017-02-04 18:29
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Heey guys! I use Laravel 5.4, WAMP for localhost. I am struggling with the problem to call a Controller@methodName within my header.blade.php file, because I want to show in my header.blade.php file all notifications for the User. Normally I was getting all needed data with the help of routes in different pages. But for this case I need to call without using routes. Here is my code for my NotificationController:

class NotificationController extends Controller
  public function getNotification(){
    $notifications = Notification::where('user_id',Auth::user()->id)->get();

    foreach($notifications as $notify){

    return ['notifications'=>$notifications, 'unread'=>$unread];

And I should receive all these data in my header file. I have used: {{App::make("NotificationController")->getNotification()}} and {{NotificationController::getNotification() }} But it says Class NotificationController does not exist. Please heelp!

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