2017-01-31 18:15
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I'm starting with Git and Github for versioning my Symfony3 project and I was wondering why parameters.yml is in the .gitignore file by default? I'm changing that file so that my app connects to a PostgreSQL database.

My concern is that when others clone my project from GitHub and start contributing will it affect them to have the parameters.yml file missing?

Do I need to remove it from .gitignore?

If not when do I have to make it trackable?

Thanks for your answers

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我开始使用Git和Github对我的Symfony3项目进行版本控制,我想知道为什么 parameters.yml 默认位于 .gitignore 文件中? 我正在更改该文件,以便我的应用程序连接到PostgreSQL数据库。

我担心的是,当其他人从GitHub克隆我的项目并开始贡献时,会影响他们使用 parameters.yml 文件丢失了?

我是否需要从 .gitignore 中删除它?



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