2016-06-26 09:06
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I would like to use PHP's __toString() method in a static manner, like so:

class MyClass {
    public static function __toString() {
        echo 'Hello, I am MyClass!';

echo (string) MyClass;

Unfortunately though __toString() cannot be a static method. It would be great if this was possible though, so my question is: Is this something reasonable to propose as a feature request to PHP devs? If not, how can we achieve this kind of functionality as closely to what my example describes as realistically possible?

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我想以静态的方式使用PHP的 __ toString()方法,就像这样 :

  class MyClass {
 public static function __toString(){
echo(  string)MyClass; 

不幸的是, __ toString()不能是静态方法。 如果这是可能的,那将是很好的,所以我的问题是:这是一个合理的建议作为PHP开发人员的功能请求? 如果没有,我们如何能够像我的实例所描述的那样实现这种功能?

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  • dongzan2740 2016-06-26 09:19

    You can write:

    echo MyClass::class;

    Or if you need more control:

    class MyClass
        public static function getClass()
            return get_class();
    echo MyClass::getClass();

    If you want to have a static class property, you can use this:

    class MyClass {
        static $name = self::class;
    echo MyClass::$name;

    See also this answer.

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