2015-12-10 15:57
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Attempting to compile PHP in Windows with Visual Studio 15 (community edition) results in

Checking for bison.exe ... <not found>

All I'm after is a version of php_pdo_sqlite.dll that includes the soundex() function. See this for the PHP 5 method I used.

I do know that VS Code is insufficient, and that installing VS 15 community does not add the path to cl.exe. Because I only need to go through this exercise to get the dll I am grossly unfamiliar with Visual Studio. Where is bison.exe? [And yes, I know that soundex() is in pdo_sqlite in *nix.]

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尝试使用Visual Studio 15(社区版)在Windows中编译PHP会导致

检查bison.exe ...&lt; not found&gt;

我所追求的是php_pdo_sqlite.dll的一个版本,其中包含< code> soundex()函数。 有关我使用的PHP 5方法,请参见

我知道VS代码不足,并且安装VS 15社区不会添加 cl.exe 的路径。 因为我只需要通过这个练习来获取dll,我对Visual Studio非常不熟悉。 bison.exe 在哪里? [是的,我知道 soundex()在* nix的pdo_sqlite中。]

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  • dotibrb048760 2015-12-10 16:07

    Are you looking for this fellow? It's a parser generator (in case you didn't know) built for windows platform. You'll have to install the binary somewhere in your PATH, so that VS could find it.

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  • duanfu6160 2016-05-16 22:26

    It's possible that bison.exe (or the related files) is not on your system. In that case @Dmitry (and others') suggestion is correct. However, another fix is to launch the Developer Command Prompt in VS15 and be sure to run {rootdir}\bin\phpsdk_setvars.bat before you run configure. This solved my issue.

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