2015-06-17 01:56
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I am using windows 7 and XAMPP Starting properly but in browser(ALL borwsers) localhost is not working incase of that some folders are displaying with the title searchbase. Please refer the screenshot enter image description here

Help me to debug this problem, I checked recently installed programs also browsers windows settings every thing looks fine.

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我正在使用Windows 7和XAMPP正常启动但在浏览器中(所有borwsers)localhost无法正常工作 文件夹显示标题搜索库。 请参考屏幕截图

帮我调试一下 问题,我检查了最近安装的程序还有浏览器windows设置,每件事看起来都不错

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  • duanmajing9332 2015-06-17 02:15

    Looks like you have the "Searchbase.exe" malware on your PC. Check your installed programs (Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program) for anything that resembles what you're seeing. It's probably hogging port 80. Might consider doing a virus scan.

    Don't type anything sensitive into that engine. Looks weird...

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