2014-07-16 18:24
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I turned on error logging in php.ini file.

error_log `/etc/httpd/logs/error_log`

error_reporting `22527`

I try triggering an error by using trigger_error() function. However, nothing gets written to the file. File is not even created. I'm guessing there are permission errors but how can I tell?

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  error_log` / etc / httpd / logs / error_log` 

I 尝试使用 trigger_error()功能触发错误。 但是,没有任何内容写入文件。 甚至没有创建文件。 我猜是有许可错误,但我怎么知道?

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  • dongna1593 2014-07-16 18:28

    bool is_writable ( string $filename )

    returns TRUE if the filename exists and is writable.

    That being said, logs generally go in /var/log/ or /var/apache2/log or somewhere other than /etc/ as


    This is the nerve center of your system, it contains all system related configuration files in here or in its sub-directories

    If you mess something up in /etc/ it will be really, really bad.

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