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I have a project where I'm exporting data to an excel file using PHPExcel. Now there is no problem creating the excel file. But now my client wants to be able to have multiple filters on multiple columns. I know I can add a filter by using:

->setAutoFilterByColumnAndRow($column, $rownumber , $column, $rownumber)

So I tried adding more filters to different columns, but then only the last one that is created will be shown in the Excel file.

Example of what I generate:

Column A --  Column B -- Column C
Value 1 --   Value 2 --  Value 3
 ...     --   ...     --  ...

Is there any way to generate multiple filters so that i can sort my data accordingly to column A, B or C?! Any help would be appreaciated, since i'm stuck on this for a few days now.. .

I thank you for taking your time for reading this and possibly trying to help me out. :)

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    dragon19720808 dragon19720808 2014-05-07 12:22

    There's an entire document dedicated to working with autofilters (PHPExcel AutoFilter Reference developer documentation.doc) in the /Documentation folder of the distributions and available online on the github wiki..... but you can only have one autofilter range on any individual worksheet, and that's an Excel restriction, not a PHPExcel restriction.

    But you also specify the range of the dataset that you want filtering applied to, not a series of individual columns: that's the way Excel works

    Sorting is not an option supported by PHPExcel because of the complexities involved in actually reordering all the data in every row of the worksheet.

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