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just need a little help here. I have a project that works on the lower version of PHP which is 5.3.0 and if I open my project in the latest version I always got an error. Because of the version. Is there a way that I can include 2 different versions? And just switch to the old version if I need it? Right now I have PHP 5.3.0 in my Wamp and I want to have the latest version too. Can I still keep the old version together with the latest version?

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  • dongwuwei0718 2014-01-07 00:53

    You can download and add any version of PHP they make available. After installation you can switch by:

    1. left clicking on the WAMP icon
    2. mousing over the "PHP" menu item
    3. mousing over the "version" menu item
    4. selecting the version of PHP you want to run.
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