2018-06-15 04:04
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I'm trying to remove a part of a directory with PHPs ltrim(), however the result is unexpected. The first letter of my result has the wrong ascii value, and shows up as missing character/box in the browser.

Here is my code:

$stripPath = "public\docroot\4300-4399\computer-system-upgrade";
$directory = "public\docroot\4300-4399\computer-system-upgrade\3.0 Outgoing Documents";

$shortpath = ltrim($directory, $stripPath);
echo $shortpath;

Expected output:

3.0 Outgoing Documents

Actual output:

.0 Outgoing Documents

Note the invisible/non-print character before the dot. Ascii value changed from Hex 33 (the number 3) to Hex 03 (invisible character). I also tried str_replace() instead of trim(), but the result stays the same.

What am i doing wrong here? How would i get the expected result "3.0 Outgoing Documents"?

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我正在尝试使用PHP ltrim()删除目录的一部分,但结果是意外的。 我的结果的第一个字母具有错误的ascii值,并在浏览器中显示为缺少字符/框。


  $ stripPath =“public \ docroot \ 4300-4399 \ computer-system-upgrade”; \  n $ directory =“public \ docroot \ 4300-4399 \ computer-system-upgrade \ 3.0 Outgoing Documents”; 
 $ shortpath = ltrim($ directory,$ stripPath); 
echo $ shortpath; 



实际 输出:


注意点之前的不可见/非打印字符。 Ascii值从十六进制33(数字3)变为十六进制03(不可见字符)。 我也尝试使用str_replace()而不是trim(),但结果保持不变。

我在这做错了什么? 我如何得到预期的结果“3.0外发文件”?

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  • dsjfrkvn818747 2018-06-15 07:21

    Don't use ltrim.
    Ltrim does not replace straight off. It strips kind of like regex does.
    Meaning all characters you put in the second argument is used to remove anything.
    See example:
    The reason it stops at . is because it's not part of $stripPath

    You should instead do is use real regex or simple str_replace.

    $stripPath = "public\docroot\4300-4399\computer-system-upgrade";
    $directory = "public\docroot\4300-4399\computer-system-upgrade\3.0 Outgoing Documents";
     $shortpath = str_replace($stripPath, "", $directory);
     echo $shortpath;

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  • dsa4d4789789 2018-06-15 04:09

    That happens because of / mark because / has a special meaning.

    If you try this with a space you can get the expected output.

    $stripPath = "public\docroot\4300-4399\computer-system-upgrade";
    $directory = "public\docroot\4300-4399\computer-system-upgrade 3.0 Outgoing Documents";
    $shortpath = ltrim($directory, $stripPath);
    echo $shortpath;
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  • duanjing7298 2018-06-15 04:11

    When you provide a string value in quotation marks you have to be aware that the backslash is used as a masking character. So, \3 is understood as the ASCII(3) character. In your example you need to provide double backslashes in order to define your desired string (having single backslashes in it):

    $stripPath = "public\\docroot\\4300-4399\\computer-system-upgrade\\";
    $directory = "public\\docroot\\4300-4399\\computer-system-upgrade\\3.0 Outgoing Documents";
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  • doudi5524 2018-06-15 04:16

    Backslash is PHP’s escape sequence. Add a backslash to ‘stripPath’ to trim it from ‘dirctory’

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