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如何在symfony 3中查看其他用户登录信息

I'm trying to study FOSUserBundle in Symfony. I searched on google "how to check if other users are logged into their account", but I failed to do it. I want to add a green coloured mark if a specific user is logged in, the way Facebook does it.

I don't know if FOSUserBundle has a code that will check whether a user is logged in. I found this (other question on SOF) but it only checks if the current user is logged in.

I don't know it's a good idea to add this property in my entity

     * @ORM\Column(name="log_status", type="boolean", nullable=true)
    protected $logStatus;

This will set the status of a user (logged in or not) and I'll add a column to the fos_user table to save it to the database.

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我正在尝试在Symfony中学习 FOSUserBundle 。 我搜索谷歌“如何检查其他用户是否登录到他们的帐户”,但我没有这样做。 我希望在特定用户登录时添加绿色标记,就像Facebook一样。

我不知道 FOSUserBundle 是否有代码 这将检查用户是否已登录。我发现了这一点(关于SOF的其他问题)但它只检查当前用户是否已登录。

我不知道这是一个好主意 在我的实体中添加此属性

  / ** 
 * @ORM \ Column(name =“log_status”,type =“boolean”,nullable = true)  
 * / 
 protected $ logStatus; 

这将设置用户的状态(登录与否),我将添加一列到 fos_user表将其保存到数据库中。

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