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In my current project I am implementing an Model-View-Presenter pattern. Most of my classes that represent domain objects have too many constructor arguments. Take this for example (NOTE: This is just a made-up class, just assume that models need too many arguments):

class Person {
    private $id;
    private $first_name;
    private $middle_name;
    private $last_name;
    private $birthdate;

    private $school_name;
    private $school_year_level;

    ... more properties

    public function __constructor($id, $first_name, $middle_name, $last_name, .. etc){
        ... some code to set the properties

Suppose this class has many independent values needed for construction (7+ values), what good design can I use? The values are fetched rows from a database.

EDIT: To provide additional info, my model has three layers:

  • Models (Value Objects): Just a domain object with properties, and probably some methods for minimal processing of data.
  • Data Access Objects: Communicates with the database. CRUD. Creates Model objects from fetched data.
  • Service Objects: Provides an interface for the rest of the business logic interacts with data from the database.
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    douwei2966 douwei2966 2018-06-29 11:30

    You could use an associative array:

    public function __construct($params){
        $this->id = $params['id'];
        // etc ...

    Or the spread operator if you are using PHP 5.6+:

    public function __construct(...$params){
        $this->id = $params[0];
        // etc ...

    If you are under PHP 5.6 use func_get_args():

    public function __construct(){
        $params = func_get_args();
        $this->id = $params[0];
        // etc ...

    I would use the associative array solution because I prefer having the keys. Note that there are many other ways to solve your "issue" as @ivanivan said in his comment.

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  • dongpo1846 dongpo1846 2018-06-29 11:22

    The best way in my opinion is try to passe an object to your constructor

    public function __constructor(User $user)
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