2018-05-09 20:53
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In my Symfony 2.3 project, I have a curl function that receives JSON data from an API and passes this data as a parameter to another function. Currently, the function that accepts the JSON object looks like this:

public function updateCountries($data)
    foreach (json_decode($data, true) as $key => $value) {
        (do something)

I'd like to add a type hint to the $data parameter to indicate that this is a JSON object, but a "JSON" type doesn't seem to exist. Is there a type hint that would work?

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在我的Symfony 2.3项目中,我有一个curl函数,它从API接收JSON数据并将此数据作为 另一个函数的参数。 目前,接受JSON对象的函数如下所示:

  public function updateCountries($ data)
 foreach(json_decode($ data,true)as $  key => $ value){

我想在$ data中添加类型提示 用于指示这是JSON对象的参数,但似乎不存在“JSON”类型。 是否有类型提示可以使用?

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