2017-05-05 14:36
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如何在Notepad ++正则表达式查找器对话框中替换文本周围的文本?

This question is the opposite from other regex notepad++ questions. Instead of changing text between text, I need to replace text that is surrounding, like that:






I wish to replace $_REQUEST( for getReq( and at same time replace ] for ).

How can I achieve that in Notepad++ ? There are more than a 1000 hits and I want to replace it all, not just the ones with action index, but many more!

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这个问题与其他正则表达式notepad ++问题相反。 而不是在文本之间更改文本,我需要替换文本 就是这样:


$ _ REQUEST [' action ' ]

getReq( '的作用')


我希望替换 $ _ REQUEST( for getReq( and 同时将] 替换为

如何在Notepad ++中实现这一点?有超过1000次点击我 想要全部替换,而不仅仅是那些 action 索引,还有更多!

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  • donglun2010 2017-05-05 14:40

    You still want to match, you just want match with capture (Notepad supports this, make sure Regex is checked in search and replace. The ( ) is the capture group, the order of the first ( is the capture group number. (?: ) can be used to make a group non-capture)

    Match on \$_REQUEST\['([^']*)'\]

    Replace using capture with getReq\('$1'\)

    EDIT: In Notepad, you have to escape () for some reason in the replace part

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  • drozwmi5440 2017-05-05 14:47

    You need to use a capturing group in your regex. In most regex engines, capturing groups are indicated with parentheses, possibly escaped with backslashes in front:

    foo\(capturing group\)bar

    Notepad++ uses PCRE, I think, so it should be bare parens (the first example, above).

    What you have is a larger pattern:

    $_REQUEST['some variable text goes here']

    You want to replace that with

    getReq('some variable text goes here')

    The capturing group will "capture" (or "save") the variable text, and a backreference to the group will "insert" the text in your replacement:


    The search would be for the outside text, $_REQUEST[' and '], plus a capturing group ( ... ) containing [^']* any number of characters that are not single quotes.

    The replacement would be the outside replacement text, getReq(' and '), plus a backreference to the first (and only!) capturing group in the original match. The \1 is replaced by everything matched inside the first set of parens.

    FYI: Groups are generally numbered by counting opening parentheses. So a nested group like this: ( ( ) ) ( ( ) ) would be numbered (1 (2 ) ) (3 (4 ) ).

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