2017-11-08 10:28
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I'm trying to add a cover profile into my web application that could be repositionned .. I found a useful tutorial in this link

The problem is that the server side code is in PHP and I'm working with PYTHON and Django .

I can't find some functions used in PHP like imagecreatefromjpeg , imageSY , imagedestroy ...etc..

Any help ?

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  • dsfdsf8888 2017-11-08 10:34

    imagecreatefromjpeg is part of the GD library, so if you want roughly the same interface than what you have in PHP your best bet is to find GD bindings for Python

    Here is a link to one:

    And its corresponding function from its doc:

    image(image[,(w,h)] | file | file,type | (w,h))
      create GD image from 
        - file.(png|jpeg|gd|gd2|xbm|xpm),
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  • doucu5836 2017-11-08 11:26

    Thanks @Lepidosteus for the precious direction..

    I have googled around and I found this useful link Alternative for PHP GD library in python in Stack Overflow .

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