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如何显示数据库中的所有行 - Laravel 5.2?

I have simple issue with my Laravel application.But i can not find any solution of it.Please see my code here:


public function index(){
    $members = Member::paginate(15);

    $meal_entry = Member::all();
    $breakfast = DB::SELECT("SELECT self_meal_breakfast + guest_meal_breakfast AS breakfast FROM meal_entry");
    $lunch = DB::SELECT("SELECT self_meal_lunch + guest_meal_lunch AS lunch FROM meal_entry");        
    $dinner = DB::SELECT("SELECT self_meal_dinner + guest_meal_dinner AS dinner FROM meal_entry");
    $total_meal = DB::SELECT("SELECT self_meal_breakfast + self_meal_lunch + self_meal_dinner + guest_meal_breakfast + guest_meal_lunch + guest_meal_dinner AS total FROM meal_entry");

    return view('member.mealView', compact('members','data','breakfast','lunch','dinner','meal_entry','total_meal'));

blade view:

        @foreach($meal_entry as $value)
        <td>{{ $value->created_at }}</td>
        @foreach($breakfast as $value)
        <td>{{ $value->breakfast }}</td>
        @foreach($lunch as $value)
        <td>{{ $value->lunch }}</td>
        @foreach($dinner as $value)
        <td>{{ $value->dinner }}</td>
        @foreach($total_meal as $value)
        <td>{{ $value->total }}</td>
        @foreach($meal_entry as $value)
        <td>{{ $value->created_at }}</td>

And the table: meal_entry.

If there is a one row in the database then its ok ( see ) to view.But when there is row more than one then its show in one row with all data( see ).How can i handle this things? I think it should be run another loop but how can i do that? Thanks in advance.

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