doude1917 2011-10-20 14:47
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Please dont mind any mistakes in spelling, because I am writing this on my cellphone ;-)

I have a huge db list which contains thousands of thousand of POI street adresses.. And of course its useless to grab each entry (total 58.953 entries), hit it into google maps, copy and paste the coords and save it..

so my question is; how can I solve it and (most likely with php) fetch the lat/lon of each entry...? is there any possibility to do this with google maps api? How about the error ratio? Or even limited queries :(?

how can I do this? thank you very much

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  • duanbi6522 2011-10-20 15:50

    I would recommend The API is very simple, and it doesn't have the same kinds of licensing and query limit problems other have had that I have used.

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