2010-07-15 20:43



If I have a URL that is, I would want to extract the word "sites". I know I have to use regular expressions but for some reason my knowledge of them is not working on PHP.

I am trying to use :

 preg_match("%^/(.*)/%", $URL, $matches);

But I must be doing something wrong. I would also like it to have a catch function where if it is at the main site, then it would do the word "MAIN"

Edit: sorry, I've known about dirname...It gives the full directory path. I only want the first directory.... So if its then it returns just 1, not /1/2/3/4/5/

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  • dragon071111 dragon071111 11年前

    Use the dirname function like this:

    $dir =  dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']);
    $dirs = explode('/', $dir);
    echo $dirs[0]; // get first dir
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  • duancuisan2503 duancuisan2503 4年前

    A simple and robust way is:

    $currentWebDir = substr(__DIR__, strlen($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']));

    If you are worried about DIRECTORY_SEPARATORS, you could also do:

    $currentWebDir = str_replace('\\', '/', substr(__DIR__, strlen($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'])));

    Also be aware of mod_rewrite issues mentioned by FrancescoMM

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  • dongyi7901 dongyi7901 11年前

    Use parse_url to get the path from $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] and then you could get the path segments with explode:

    $segments = explode('/', substr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI_PATH'], 1));
    echo $segments[1];
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  • dtr32787 dtr32787 11年前

    The dirname function should get you what you need

        $URL = dirname($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]);
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  • dongxiezhi0590 dongxiezhi0590 8年前

    Just wanted to recommend additionally to check for a prefixed "/" or "\" and to use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR :

    $testPath = dirname(__FILE__);
    $_testPath = (substr($testPath,0,1)==DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR) ? substr($testPath,1):$testPath;
    $firstDirectory = reset( explode(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, dirname($_testPath)) );
    echo $firstDirectory;
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