dourang6858 2018-08-09 11:06
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I am creating posts with the wp_insert_post() function. For certain post categories, I need to dynamically add CSS & JS into the post. Is there any inbuilt function or 3rd party plugins through which I could do that?

I tried wp_enqueue_* functions, using child themes but they apply scripts to all posts irrespective of categories.

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  • dp815292 2018-08-09 11:10

    You need to use separate template file for your category. Take a look at Wordpress templates hierarchy, you will most likely need to use category-$slug.php template. In this template file you will need to use regular wp_enqueue_xxx functions to inject JS / CSS that you need for this particular category.

    UPDATE: To be able to apply additional JS / CSS to posts that have certain category instead of category itself you need to use wp_get_post_categories() function to retrieve list of categories for your post, then decide if you have required category in the list and if it is so - apply additional assets. It can look something like this:

    // Assuming that we have ID of current post inside $postId variable
    // that can be retrieved e.g from $postId = the_post()->ID
    // or from global $post variable
    // Also assuming that we have $slug variable that contains slug
    // of the category, we need to apply additional JS / CSS to
    // Example:
    // $postId = 123;
    // $slug = 'hairstyle'; 
    $categories = wp_get_post_categories($postId);
    if (is_array($categories) && array_reduce(array_filter(array_map('get_category', $categories), function ($category) {
            /** @var \WP_Term $category */
            return $category->slug;
        }), function ($found, $category) use ($slug) {
            return $found ?: $category === $slug;
        }, false)) {
        // ... Apply additional JS / CSS ...

    Of course this code should reside into template that renders post e.g. in single.php

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