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PHP Mysql数据库连接被拒绝

I am trying to display a simple table of one of the tables in my mySQL database, but am getting the below message when I load the page.

connection failed:Connection refused
Username    Password    PhysicianID

I have tested the credentials I use in my code over and over and am 100% sure that they are correct. I am unsure as to what could be causing this issue. Below is my php code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<TITLE>Table That will NOT load</TITLE>

    $conn = mysqli_connect('host', 'root', 'password', 'MySQLDatabase');
    if(!$conn) {
        die("connection failed:" . mysqli_connect_error());
    $sql = "Select * from Users";
    $result = $conn-> query($sql);

    if($result -> num_rows > 0) {
        while ($row = $result-> fetch_assoc()) {
            echo "<td><td>". $row["username"] ."</td><td>". $row["username"] ."</td><td>". $row[
                "password"] ."</td><tr>";
            echo "</table>";
        else {
            echo "0 result";

        $conn-> close();
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    dongzun9958 dongzun9958 2018-01-21 19:06

    Please make sure that the mysql server is bound to the expected IP which is assigned to the host value you are using in mysql_connect.

    • Find out IP: nslookup <host>
    • On the Host, check bind address of mysqlprocess: ps -eaf | grep mysql. ( means bind on all IPs of the Host and is fine)

    If you get different IPs for both commands, that is the culprit. Esp. if the second one only returns You need to adjust your mysql configuration to bind on the external IP address of the Host then.

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  • duandongjin5647 duandongjin5647 2018-01-21 19:01

    It should work fine but in this line:

    $conn = mysqli_connect('host', 'root', 'password', 'MySQLDatabase');

    Check if your host name and password is correct. If you use localhost and your password is not defined it should be:

    $conn = mysqli_connect('localhost', 'root', '', 'MySQLDatabase');

    Also, check your HTML in php. You have two <td> tags on beggining and using this order of $row you will get password under PhysicianId in table.

    Try this:

    if($result -> num_rows > 0) {
        while ($row = $result-> fetch_assoc()) {
            echo "<tr><td>". $row["username"] ."</td><td>". $row["password"] ."</td><td>". $row[
                "id"] ."</td></tr>";
            echo "</table>";
        else {
            echo "0 result";
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