2018-01-22 22:34
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I am looking for a "quick" and "clean" solution to the usual where total is optional.

I've tried so far this:

Route::get('products/{total?}', 'ProductController@get', function ($total = null) {});

And then $products = ($total == null) ? Product::all() : Product::count();

But this not only works with products/total but products/whatever. I think adding if($total = 'total') is not a good practice.

I want the last parameter to be static, I am not thinking straight. I guess I have to avoid defining two Routes (Route::get('products'... and Route::get('products/total'...

Laravel Documentation is not helping either. What am I doing wrong?

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我正在寻找通常 其中总计是可选的。


  Route :: get('products / {total?}','ProductController @  get',function($ total = null){}); 

然后 $ products =($ total == null)? Product :: all():Product :: count();

但这不仅适用于产品/总计,还适用于产品 /不管即可。 我认为添加 if($ total ='total')不是一个好习惯。

我希望最后一个参数是静态的,我不是在考虑 直行。 我想我必须避免定义两个路由( Route :: get('products'... Route :: get('products / total'... < / p>

Laravel Documentation 不是 我也做错了什么?

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  • dongxiaoying5882 2018-01-22 22:51

    If your routes are in reality doing different things (even if they are quite similar) then you should probably add two different routes.

    Route::get('products', function () {
    Route::get('products/total', function () {

    Of course this does imply that if there's code that's shared between the two routes you can move it to its own helper function/class.

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