dongpao9165 2017-04-07 23:36
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I am facing a strange issue with WordPress. When I put this line as a code snippet in a blog post:

$app = require_once __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/app.php';

I get a 404 error when I try to preview the page, and I wont be able to save the post at all but if I make the line of code incorrect for example, remove the last 'e' from require, this way:

$app = requir_once __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/app.php';

everything works fine. Is the code somehow executing and causing problems?

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  • doutangdan3588 2017-04-07 23:41

    Your web host probably has a paranoid web application firewall (most likely mod_security) enabled, with rules to block requests which contain data which looks like PHP code.

    Contact your web host and request that they turn this feature off.

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  • duanhun3273 2017-04-07 23:46

    Wordpress is a little funny that way, try using get_stylesheet_directory() function. This will return the path to your theme directory.

    require_once( get_stylesheet_directory() . '/path/to/bootstrap.css );

    Also the require_once function doesn't return anything so there is no point trying to assign it to a variable.




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