2015-08-27 17:40
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I use PhpStorm for a project that has some very lengthy class names. As a result, not many files can fit in the tab bar above the editor before they get truncated and I have to go into the dropdown.

I was thinking, I could probably at least slightly decrease the impact of this issue if I could get PhpStorm to hide the extensions from the end of the file names (the icons in the tabs make them redundant anyway). Does anyone know a way to make PhpStorm do this? Any help is much appreciated!

Here's a screenshot, showing the tab bar I'm talking about (it's got a big red box around it), and showing what I want to change (I striked through the file extensions).screenshot of PhpStorm demonstrating what I want

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我将PhpStorm用于具有一些非常冗长的类名的项目。 因此,编辑器上方的标签栏中没有多少文件可以被截断,我必须进入下拉列表。

我在想,我可能至少有点 如果我可以让PhpStorm隐藏文件名末尾的扩展名(标签中的图标使它们无论如何都是多余的),减少这个问题的影响。 有谁知道让PhpStorm做到这一点的方法? 非常感谢任何帮助!

这是一个屏幕截图,显示我正在谈论的标签栏(它周围有一个大红框),并显示我想要改变的内容(我 浏览文件扩展名。)

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  • ds342222 2015-08-27 17:46

    You can change it in the settings:

    File, Settings, Label IDE Settings, Editor, Editor Tabs, check Hide file extensions in editor tabs.

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