2015-03-11 12:15
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$ _SERVER ['HOME']没有显示正确的值nginx ubuntu

I have a nginx server with php5-fpm on ubuntu 14.

when I echo $_SERVER['HOME'] it return back /var/www

my web files located in /usr/share/nginx/html

obviously it's not my home directory if i type ~/ in the terminal I can get the home directory that is /home/myname

I couldn't find where this information set and why it set wrong.

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  • dongtan4046
    dongtan4046 2015-03-11 12:19

    $_SERVER['HOME'] returns the home path of the current user.

    If nginx is running as (for example) www-data, then you'll get the home-directory of www-data.

    I guess that you need $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].

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  • doulin2947
    doulin2947 2015-03-26 16:51

    return value is root of the user that nginx is running under it, usually it's www-data.

    string get_current_user ( void )

    you can confirm the current user with get_current_user

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