2015-01-03 10:47
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If I have the following PATH as a string:

dirname/user folder/sample_file.png

How would I add the string _trash after the dirname/user folder in the PATH, so its result is:

dirname/user folder_trash/sample_file.png

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如果我有以下 PATH 作为字符串

  dirname / user folder / sample_file.png 

如何添加字符串 _trash < / code>在PATH中的 dirname / user 文件夹之后,其结果是:

  dirname / user folder_trash / sample_file.png 
 <  / code>  
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  • dpbvpgvrhwxen3222 2015-01-03 10:50

    This should work for you:

        $path = "dirname/user folder/sample_file.png";
        echo $path = dirname($path) . "_trash/" . basename($path);


    dirname/user folder_trash/sample_file.png


    You can search for the folder and then just replace it with the new one:

        $path = "dirname/user folder/another folder/sample_file.png";  
        $searchFolder = "/user folder/";
        $replaceFolder = "user folder_trash";
        echo $path = preg_replace($searchFolder, $replaceFolder, $path, 1); 


    dirname/user folder_trash/another folder/sample_file.png

    EDIT 2:

    IF the sting follows the same pattern every time this should work to change the second folder:

        $path = "dirname/user folder/another folder/another folder/sample_file.png";  
        $parts = explode("/", $path);
        $parts[1] = $parts[1] . "_trash";
        echo $path = implode("/", $parts);


    dirname/user folder_trash/another folder/another folder/sample_file.png
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  • dox19458 2015-01-03 11:15

    Another way:

    1. You also use explode function to split string to items (using count function to get number of item).

    2. Then modify each item. It up to you.

    3. Finally, merge items to string by string concatenation

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